Telus Samsung S Fascinate (SGH-T959D): ROOT, ROMs, Unlock, Uninstall Bloatware, Etc.

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telus-smartphone1. Root: Rooting an Android phone is like Jailbreaking an Iphone. Root grants you admin. mighty powers. As for how to Root your Telus Samsung S Fascinate (SGH-T959D) phone. Among other things you can do, you will be able to uninstall bloatware that came with your Telus. Visit:

2. Roms: Roms not only give a new look, but also add a few tweaks on your existing Android phone. For Telus S Samsung Fascinate users, we have a very limited Roms available. Try at your own risk though! Personally, I nearly bricked my phone trying to install another custom ROM. Thankfully, I was able to get my phone back to work with Android 2.2. For newbies, see point 4. instead of trying to install Roms.

3. Unlocking your phone yourself for free. Here, I will let you use Google, since it’s easy to find threads discussing about unlocking this particular phone model, which is quite easy. After unlock, you can use your phone not only with Telus, but also with other major carriers in Canada (e.g. Fido, Bell, etc.). Please, there’s no need to pay for this unlock… I unlocked it myself, and challenge you to do the same.

4. After successfully rooting your phone, install “Titanium Backup”. Then, (1) backup the app, and (2) un-install the app. In case you want your app back, choose restore app.
Bloatware that you can un-install safely:
AllShare 1.2.0
Android Live Wallpapers 2.2
AngryGPS 1.0
Aurora 1.2.5
Beach 1.1.0
Blue Sea 1.2.5
Bluetooth Test 1.0
Buddies now 1.0
Calendar Clock
Car Home 1.0
ChocoEuro 1.0…feedback 2.2.1…EventApp 1.0.0 1.0…eencapture 1.0
CoolEUKor 1.0
Daily Briefing
Days 1.0
Desk Home 1.0
Dual Clock 1.0
Email 2.2
EncryptApp 2.3.3
Error 1.0.0
Factory Test 1.0
Feeds and Updates
FM Radio 1.0
Gmail 2.3
Google Partner Setup 2.3.4
Google Search
Home Screen tips 1.0
HTML viewer 2.3.3
Kobo 2.1.153
Layar 4.0.2
License Settings 1.10
Live Wallpaper Picker 2.2
Market 1.12
Market updater 1.0
Memo 1.0
Migic Smoke Wallpaper 2.2
Mini Diary 1.0
Mobile tracker 1.0
Mobile tracker settings 1.0
MTP application 1.0
My Files 1.0.0
PhoneSetupWizard 1.0
Pico TTS 1.0
Preconfig 2.3.3
Print via Bluetooth 1.0
Program Monitor 1.12
RoseEUKor 1.0
Samsung account 1.0
Samsung Apps 2.5.032
Samsung keypad 2.2
Self Test Mode 1.0
Setup Wizard 1.3
ShutdownApp 1.0
SimDetachNotifier 1.0.0
SNS 1.0
SNSAccount 1.0
Social Hub 1.0
Social Hub 7.52.30105
Talk 1.3
ThinkFree Office
TTS Service 2.3.3
TwWallpaperChooser 1.0
Voice Dialer 2.2
Voice Recorder 1.0
Voice Search 2.0.2
VPN services 2.2
WlanTest 1.0.0
Weite and go 1.0
Y! Finance Clock
Youtube 2.0.26

5. Power Saving Tips: you know already these conventional tips by heart, ie. turn down screen brightness, turn off bluetooth, etc. I’m going to show you some other tips.
a) Download a widget called “QuickAirplaneMode” and use it overnight; download “Turn Off the Lights” and use it to power off the screen of your phone. Place both of them on your main screen.
b) Don’t use any power savings apps, or apps killer apps. Their effects are negated by the Android system constantly starting some essential apps.
c) Don’t update apps unless its added features are too important for your to ignore. Newer app version usually means larger file and larger RAM consumption. And don’t update your Android version unless you find it necessary. I keep it running on Froyo 2.2, and my needs are fulfilled. My phone could only last 1 day and half running on Gingerbread 2.3.6, where as it would last 4 days (at 4th day end with 25% battery remain) running on Froyo 2.2, with the same usage patterns, on a single charge.

3 thoughts on “Telus Samsung S Fascinate (SGH-T959D): ROOT, ROMs, Unlock, Uninstall Bloatware, Etc.

    Dee said:
    April 13, 2013 at 5:13 PM

    Nice tips, thanks. Please I wanna do the custom Rom and I’ve been checking out the cyanogenmod nightly. Dunno what to try as the Fascinate version available seems to be the Verizon Cdma Fascinate, not Telus’ T959D. Otherwise, I’m thinking trying the one for Vibrant (T-Mobile T959). Do you think either’d be alright?What do you advise please? Thanks.

      myweixin responded:
      August 17, 2013 at 8:25 AM

      Nightly = unstable. So I don’t recommend you to try these. If you have a Telus version, none of the Roms available on cyanogenmod is compatible, sadly. I recommend you to stay on stock and don’t try anything risking to break your phone. With the Telus phone, I searched and searched, and found no perfectly compatible Roms on the internet.

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